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International Cooperation Office (ECI) 



The International Cooperation Office (ECI) of the State University of Maringá (UEM) is directly connected to the Administration Office.



ECI promotes internationalization opportunities at UEM in the fields of research, teaching, and extension. The office intermediates international agreements between UEM and foreign institutions through technical and scientific cooperation, through professor and student's mobility to meet the needs of programs and projects of mutual interest, and by aiming at attending the community's needs, and diffusion of opportunities. The office also aims at improving the conditions for internationalization through the submission of specific projects and promotes campus internationalization by creating and developing legislation, promoting diagnosis of current internationalization status, gathering data, supporting actions for language education and use in the institution, among other activities.



ECI develops activities exclusively for UEM's academic community, through the contacts and procedure to establish agreements with foreign institutions of higher education. It also manages and mediates the process of international student's mobility, and national institution's mobility elaborates and submits projects for the eliciting of resources directed to internationalization. ECI supports and contributes to the capability of the institution's community in the foreign language and the debunking of the usage of other languages in the institution. ECI also promotes international opportunities and exchange programs for interns, undergraduate courses, academic mobility during undergraduate, and postgraduate courses.



The internalization of higher education has been improving all over the world, and UEM is part of this process.

UEM has partnerships with universities located in more than 20 countries from all continents and continually invests on the identification of new possible partnerships with universities and research institutions from other countries, according to the relationship established between the university’s professors and technicians and its partners-to-be.

These partnerships allow not only academic mobility for professors and students but also co oriented research projects, providing quantitative results, which are of extreme importance to the institution’s development.

Once every semester, UEM publishes a mobility notice providing students with the opportunity of completing part of their courses at foreign universities. Some of the programs are:  Marca, Doctoral Exchange Program (PDSE), BRAFITEC, BRAFAGRI, PDV, HUMBOLT, NUFIC, and Programa de EstágioSênior no Exterior, all of which are offered by CAPES. Through them, the university sends undergraduates, post-graduates, and professors to other countries, establishing partnerships and promoting the exchange of ideas. Other participants are Programa de Estudantes - Convênio de Graduação (PEC-G), Ministério de Relações Exteriores, and Ministério da Educação.

However, even with the programs currently offered, many university members search for mobility programs without university mediation, which indicates a need for better administration of the programs offered and, also, the growth perspectives of internationalization at UEM.

We are also focusing efforts on students and professors from several countries, by offering a Portuguese Course for Foreigners, courses ministered in other languages, and support for courses in foreign language through the UEM Language Institute - ILG/UEM (Instituto de Línguas da UEM/), the Language without Borders program - Isf/ MEC (IdiomassemFronteiras), Paraná Speaks English (Paraná FalaInglês) from Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior do Estado do Paraná - PFI/SETI PR, and the UEM Integration Program  - PROINTE/UEM. All these activities are part of the institution’s demand for Internationalization, for Languages and for Immigrants and refugees from UEM that are in a vulnerable situation.


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Avenida Colombo, 5790, Bloco 123, Jd. Universitátio, CEP 87020-900, Maringá, Paraná, BraSil.

Telefone: +55 44 3011 4238

E-mail: sec-eci@uem.br


Working Hours

 General Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 7:40AM to 12PM and from 1:30PM to 5:30PM.

Mobility Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 8:00AM to 12:00PM.







 Our team



Sandra Mara de Alencar Schiavi  

E-mail: smsbankuti@uem.br


Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-4172



Marli da Silveira Pereira

E-mail: sec-eci@uem.br; 

Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-4441


 Assistant Secretary

Diogo Silva Alonso


Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-4441


 International Agreements

Marcio Pascoal Cassandre

E-mail: eci-conv@uem.br

Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-5316


Support of International Agreements

Roberta Baltazar de Oliveira

E-mail: eci-conv@uem.br

Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-5316


 International Projects

Marguit Neumann

E-mail: eci-proj@uem.br

Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-5316


 International Mobility Program

Cassio David da Silva

E-mail: eci.mob@gmail.com

Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-4238 


 International Mobility Support

Alexandre Zaporoszenko Cavazzani

E-mail: eci.mob@gmail.com

Telephone: +55 (44) 3011-4238 


Working Hours

General Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 7:40AM to 12PM and from 1:30PM to 5:30PM.

Mobility Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays from 8:00AM to 12:00PM.



5790, Colombo Avenue, Building 123, Zone 7, ZIP code 87020-900, Paraná - Maringá, Brazil.

Undergraduation courses, Master's and Doctoral degrees at UEM

Courses at UEM


 The State University of Maringá (UEM) offers 80 undergraduate courses, 40 of which are held in the main campus (Maringá/PR); 01 in Câmpus Regional de Arenito (Cidade Gaúcha/PR); 04 in Câmpus Regional de Cianorte (Cianorte/PR); 04 in Câmpus Regional de Goioerê (Goioerê/PR); 03 in Câmpus Regional do Vale do Ivaí (Ivaiporã/PR); 08 in Câmpus Regional de Umuarama (Umuarama PR); also offers 09 courses through the Distance Education program; 09 through the PARFOR program; 01 through the Program of Pedagogical Training (Modalidade Programa); 01 through the Special Class program (Modalidade Turma Especial). Four elective disciplines ministered in English are offered at the Economics and the Pharmacy undergraduate courses.

The university also offers 50 post-graduation programs in which 32 disciplines given in foreign languages, mainly English.

Undergraduate courses

Masters and Doctors courses

Disciplines Ministered in English



Mobility Incoming

How to apply:

  1. Mobility is only possible for institutions which are in partnership with UEM.
  2. Be able to take courses ministered in Portuguese.



Through the International Cooperation Office of your university, apply for ECI-EMU application for mobility, via e-mail eci.mob@gmail.com, and send the following documents:



For activities that require a UEM Academic Register (RA), a requirement of a consular visa will be necessary.

A Visa is a document made available by Representações Consulares do Brasil () abroad which enables the incoming of foreigners to Brazil, once the legal conditions are in compliance.

In case a Foreigner citizen wants to apply for a Visa, one must present a Visa Requirement filled in duly, valid travel document, a receipt of consular fees, International Immunization Certificate. Other documents may be required, and they may vary according to the visa type.

It is essential to remind that in order to obtain the National Registry of Foreigners at the Federal Police - mandatory for the receipt of the Academic Register (RA), a visa number is required. Therefore, even for countries where there is no visa prerequisite, for activities at UEM, it must be obtained. 


Apply for your Visa!

Foreign citizens who wish to obtain a visa to travel to Brazil should contact the Brazilian Consulates  abroad (to obtain more information about the application. To access the complete list of  Brazilian Consulates Network or click here for further information about the Immigration Division (DIM), the area responsible for coordination and issue of Visas abroad. 

Click here to apply for a Brazilian Visa.  

After your arrival:

  • Go to International Cooperation Office (ECI) for regularization and make an appointment at a Brazilian Federal Police office.
  • Fill in the Registration Form.